Our Response to Covid-19 (28/03/20)

Dear AAC’s bros and sis,

In response to the Corona Crisis, we have decided from now on (until further notice), all of AAC’s weekly church services (Sunday 4pm English & 5.30pm Mandarin services), small group meetings (Ladies Group, Wednesday Mandarin Bible study, Figlets, Figs, Chatime) and children programs (Kids Club & Toddlers Time) will be online using the Zoom (video conferencing software). The reasons for this decision are as follows:

1) God’s command to keep meeting regularly to encourage one another (Hebrews 10:24-25)
2) God’s command to love one another by ensuring we can meet safely
3) Our government’s recommendation to practise social distancing

In order to participate in our services/meetings online, you will need to:
1) download the Zoom software/APP: https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting
2) obtain a specific Meeting ID from us

If you are in a particular small group, your group leader will provide you the Meeting ID and any necessary support in setting up Zoom. Otherwise, you can obtain the Meeting ID by contacting Elvin (0425 280 278).

The Chinese word for crisis is 危机 which consists of two words 危“danger”and 机 “opportunity”. With any crisis, the danger can also lead to opportunities. Given people are mostly stuck at home during this Corona crisis, We see great opportunity for us to be inviting our non-Christian friends and family to join our online services and hear God’s word. Ultimately, it is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ that can provide real security and hope for our world in these uncertain times.
Thanks for your prayers for us as we lead our church through these challenging times. Please continue to pray that our members and community will look to the Lord Jesus as their trust and security, and also we will be caring towards those who are vulnerable and sick in our community.

AAC Leadership Team

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